Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes, Yes, Yes I know it has been a while, but things have been slightly hectic at the fuller household. We absolutely love love love being back home again. More so than I ever imagined! The office is wonderful to me and being here at Christmas is so much fun! I have never been showered with so many gifts from the local community, patients and families, and local docs! I received a whole honey baked ham today!!
The kids are good and also loving being home again too. They love all the love and support from family and spending time at Feds Creek is one of Collier's favorite past time hobbies. He has developed a love for "Comet" Papaw Rod's horse!
Caroline is growing each day. She pulled up in her bed for the first time this week. She was home with me on Saturday, Rodney was working and Collier was in Feds Creek, she was taking a nap when I thought I heard her. I looked at her in the monitor and she was standing up in her crib! I wished I had grabbed my camera for this first in her life, but when I got to her, she was so excited that she let go and fell backwards into her crib. Now all she wants to do is stand up and hold on, but very wobbley on her feet at that! We have no carpet in our house, so she is constantly bumping into things and bumping her head! Mom says she gets that from me.
Collier went to his first Pikeville High basketball game last night and had the most fun with his daddy. Now he says he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up! Wonder where he gets that from??? =)

Thought I might give you all a little update on our lives. I promise to publish some pictures as soon as I get the internet at home! (waiting on Rodney is like pulling teeth. I probably need to just do it myself!)

God Bless and Have a Merry Christmas!!

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